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Learning history made fun.


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New Maps, New Prices

We have changed printers for our maps once and for all. An Albuera map order was placed with the original printer six weeks ago and not a peep. We notified Blue Panther over the weekend and the games arrived TODAY! Talk about service!

So, if you've been waiting on an outstanding order of Albuera, we should be collating and shipping for the rest of the week.

Now for the bad news. The change in printers comes at a cost. In order to basically break even with distributors, we are forced to raise the MSRP of Albuera by $3. So, effective IMMEDIATELY, the new price of Albuera is $35.

We are hoping to be able to eat the additional cost from profit for most of our titles. Along with Albuera, the other exception is Bastogne or Bust. That game moves from die-cut printing to laser, and that additional cost is enormous. As a result, we will eat about 75% of the cost increase. However, this still means a modest price increase of $9 to $99. This increase will NOT take effect until we place our first order with BP. We still have a few BoB in stock and we'll honor the $90 price until they are gone.


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