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December News

BoB Price Increase: Alas, we hinted at this earlier. On this the 73rd anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, the MSRP of BoB is increasing (effective today) to $99 (boxed / $94 (zip). Thanks for your support.


In The Works

These games are in various stages of design and development. Some are further along than others.

Antietam - Bloody September, 1862

Antietam: Bloody September, 1862 (ABS) is volume five of Paul Koenig’s Bloody Civil War Series. It is a two-player wargame simulating the bloodiest day of the American Civil War that took place on September 17, 1862 and proved to be the victory President Lincoln needed to announce the Emancipation Proclamation. As the Union player, you control the magnificent Army of the Potomac, but you are also hampered by McClellan’s ineptitude. The rules allow you to activate multiple corps at the cost of precious Victory Points. Do you throw caution to the wind and hit Lee with everything you’ve got, or play it conservative as Little Mac did historically? As the Confederate player, you must hold fast. You can’t afford to give up an inch of ground with the Potomac at your back. Can you outfox McClellan once again and stave off disaster? Will A. P. Hill arrive in the nick of time to turn the tide of battle as he did historically? ABS is an old-fashioned beer and pretzels game that is not burdened with cumbersome command & control or supply rules.

Paul Koenig's Bloody Civil War Series is based upon the intermediate system of Avalon Hill's Gettysburg 1977.

PKG was formed on April 20, 2013. Antietam is the eighth game published by PKG. It is a Print on Demand title. It will be boxed or ziplock with one 22x34" (possibly larger) map and approximately 264 6/10" laser-cut counters. The price has yet to be determined. Artwork will be posted when available. Questions can be posted here or sent by email to

Shiloh: Bloody April, 1862 Designer's Edition - Volume I in Paul Koenig's Bloody Civil War Series is available now.

Chancellorsville: Bloody May, 1863 - Volume II in Paul Koenig's Bloody Civil War Series is in its third edition and is available now. 

Gettysburg: Bloody July, 1863 - Volume III in Paul Koenig's Bloody Civil War Series is in its second edition and is available now.

Chickamauga: Bloody September, 1862 - Volume IV in Paul Koenig's Bloody Civil War Series is available now.

Price: $TBA

Fortress Europe - Italy

September 1943. The Allies have conquered Sicily and are now ready to invade mainland Italy. Will it prove to be the "soft underbelly of Europe" of Churchill's boasts, or a tough nut to crack? You are in charge. You will decide the ultimate outcome of the war in southern Europe.

PAUL KOENIG'S FORTRESS EUROPE ITALY 1943-1945 (PKFEI) is the long awaited Expansion Kit to PKG's Paul Koenig's Fortress Europe. It takes the legendary double-impulse combat system and recreates the Allied campaign in Italy from Salerno to May 1945. The Allied player must select an invasion site and make a successful landing, break out of the beachhead, drive up the boot, and push into Germany. The German player must defeat the Allied invasion or else conduct an orderly withdrawal across Italy, constantly delaying the Allies, and then counterattacking at the appropriate time. An EPIC struggle. PKFEI is both a stand-alone game as well as an expansion to PKFE, mating (if desired) to the bottom of that map.

PKFEI will likely contain one 22x34" map, approximately 264 die-cut counters, two German OB cards, two Allied OB cards, and an Air Mission Chart. The price has yet to be determined, but look for PKFEI coming soon from PKG!

Price: $TBA

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Tora! Tora! Tora! The War in the Pacific, 1941-1945

Tora! Tora! Tora! The War in the Pacific, 1941-1945 (TTT) is a very large yet relatively simple strategic level game covering the Pacific War from Pearl Harbor to VJ Day. Paul Koenig is known for designs that emphasize playability and TTT is no exception. Grognards might call it "War in the Pacific-lite."

TTT is an amalgamation of all your favorite elements of Pacific War games. As has been the custom of PKG, we like to borrow ideas from other games and augment them with original rules of our own. TTT will be no exception. The game comprises elements of FGA's Eagle and the Sun, VG's Pacific War, GMT's Empire of the Sun, and 3W's East Wind Rain, just to name a few.

TTT is tentatively set to begin beta-testing in the summer of 2015 using a Vassal module made by Steve Bradford with an eye towards a 2016 release. We anticipate about seven 22x34" maps and roughly 2500 counters.

Price: $TBA

Twilight of the Gods: Destruction of a Myth 1943-1945

Twilight of the Gods: Destruction of a Myth 1943-1945 

July 1943. In the east, Hitler’s armies are poised for one final onslaught against the Soviets--Operation Citadel. In the west, the Allies are preparing for their assault on the soft underbelly of Europe--Operation Husky.

TWILIGHT OF THE GODS (TotG) recreates the final two years of the Second World War. As Hitler, the German player must decide whether or not he will fight the Battle of Kursk. As Stalin, the Soviet player must decide if he will defend against yet another German summer offensive, or take the initiative and attack before the Nazis strike again. As Roosevelt and Churchill, the Allied player must decide whether to invade Sicily, the Balkans, or France itself.

TotG is based upon Paul Koenig's Fortress Europe. The original design dates back to 1989 and many of its innovative concepts made its way into PKFE. The scale is roughly 15 miles per hex and each turn represents one week, thereby each impulse represents 3-4 days. Units are primarily divisions for the western powers and corps for the Soviets. There will be approximately ten 22x34" maps and about 2000 die-cut counters. Among the original design features is the lack of rail lines on the map. Units moving strategically do so by moving from one Transportation or Communications Center to another. The Strategic Air War uses a Monthly Interphase where Allied bombers strike German provinces. The results effect the German player in many ways. This war of pacification has been adapted from Victory Games' Vietnam.

Plans exist to create an Expansion Kit for
TotG that would include those parts of Europe not covered in the 1943-1945 campaign, thereby allowing players to recreate the entire European Theater of WWII.

Steve Bradford is the graphics artist. His work on this game is intermittent, based upon other commitments, including our other monster game, Tora! Tora! Tora!

TotG is expected to begin beta-testing in 2016 with an eye towards a 2017 release.


Price: $TBA