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December News

BoB Price Increase: Alas, we hinted at this earlier. On this the 73rd anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, the MSRP of BoB is increasing (effective today) to $99 (boxed / $94 (zip). Thanks for your support.


Addenda & Errata

We'll publish official rules additions and corrections here as they become avaialable.

Gettysburg: Bloody July, 1863

Last Updated: 4 July, 2016

The four counters making up Devin and Gamble's two cavalry brigades only count for 3 Victory Points each, not six.


Day THREE Setups

While finishing the GB Vassal module, we found a few errors. Please amend the Day THREE Scenario Setups as follows:

II Corps, Johnson’s Division

Steuart (reduced) 3627

Walker (Stonewall Bde) 3625

Williams (reduced) 3626

Jones/Dungan 3523

Latimer’s Bat (Latimer/Raine) 3723

II Corps Reserve Artillery

Dance’s Bat 1918

Nelson’s Bat 3721

II Corps, Early’s Division

Hays 3020

Avery/Godwin 3220

Smith 3421  

Gordon 3320

Jones’ Bat 2816

II Corps, Rodes’ Division

Daniel (reduced) 3423

Doles 2719

Iverson (reduced) 2519

Ramseur 2319

O’Neal 3423

Carter’s Bat 2714

Note for clarification from the previous list (which is a section of the Gettysburg Day THREE setup), only the following five units' hex locations were actually changed:

Walker (Stonewall Bde) ------3625

Smith -----3421

Gordon ---- 3320

Daniel (reduced) -----3423

O’Neal -----3423

All Four ACW Games

Last Updated: 4 July, 2016

Units cannot retreat across a creek hexside without a bridge or ford.

If the combat result calls for an Attacker Retreat but the defender is eliminated, the attacker CANNOT advance after combat even if he doesn't retreat (because of woods, etc.).

Paul Koenig's Fortress Europe

Last Updated: 4 July, 2016

Optional Rule

[33.32] Rangers and Commandos (G1)

If players feel like the "combat engineers" DRM is too powerful against the West Wall, you may wish to use the following (affectionately known as the Heller Rule).

The combat DRM for Rangers and Commandos can ONLY be used during an invasion or raid.


These errata unfortunately fell through the cracks.

Unfortunately, the last section of the Bulge setup which lists the destroyed fortresses is from an older map.

They should be changed as follows (read "X changes to y"):

1102-0202 Brest
1105-0205 Lorient
1209-0309 St Nazaire
1313-0414 La Rochelle
1705-0806 St Malo
2002-1102 Cherbourg
2504-1605 Le Havre
3104-2205 Boulogne
3204-2304 Calais
3404-2405 Dunkirk
3815-2415 Metz
4210-3310 Aachen

Hexes 2105 and 2106 are NOT adjacent for movement. (An Allied unit CAN move from 2106 to 2206 even if 2105 is German-occupied, for example.)

However, 2105 and 2106 ARE considered to be adjacent for invasion purposes. In other words, there should be red Invasion Arrows connecting those two hexes.